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Magicians dont get me wrong

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She runs out of water with her trust lizard companion at her side. Summer Bishil Margo : Oh my god. After batting away their questions, a woman named Berry agrees to help them.

Pop culture connections - incoming

And Penny, Quentin and Julia are trying to find the god Enyalius. Appleman: Jason's got the voice of an angel with laryngitis. So when I sing, it's her perspective of me, which is fet little bit altered from what I actually am. Margo returns to Mr.

Pop culture connections - outgoing

Brittany Curran Fen : I'm lost innocence. Prince had a deep voice, but often sang falsetto.

And that was a struggle, because I have a command over my speaking voice as an actor, and I've made it lower wrrong more guttural for Margo, but I wanted there to be more of a physical transformation at the end of her quest. She follows him until she collapses in the sand. You have a deep voice, but you have more control over it when you sing higher.

Don't get me wrong

Evil Eliot pops in, having killed Berry the leprechauns, and immediately kills Aengus. Wronng talks to the lizard and asks for a of what to do next.

And I'm also doing "Storm Coming" Worthy: We went into the studio, and I went through two-and-a-half hours of torture. Margo magics the hell out of them, frees the red spirits, and leaves the tent. Magivians are projections of those things.

It was incredible. Everything sort of has a purpose, because Margo's character sort of allows us to dive deep into what this is.

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They try to impress upon her the urgency of the situation, and that Aengus's life is in danger. I had suppressed myself for a while, so it was just me coming back to myself. She screams and summons a red desert demon.

In her bag. Bishil: Rick Worthy's voice is honey. Back at their apartment they nurse their wounds with Alice and Kady.

And in just one lick, she falls so hard, hard, hard — into an amazing musical trance. I'm kind of there as a facet of her ego, a facet of her former best friend, kind of like the splashy parts of herself. Penny, Quentin and Julia head to a shoe store to press a Leprechaun about Aengus.

The cast of 'the magicians' breaks down the season 4 musical episode

And Jade. I still don't understand that. Trevor Einhorn Josh : It doesn't feel like we're just singing. When she he back to her office, she finds the books have been doctored. Yes, we're doing a musical. She remains nonplussed and sits down bemusedly to watch them puzzle out how to open the door to Aengus's office. Apparently in this area, when women get angry red desert sands possess the man.

Worthy: Each character appears to her as sort of a vision gte her mind. It's Margo's desert quest, which is one of the more epic and incredible sections of the books.

All that hard, glossy armor

Hallucin-Eliot serenades her and she vows to save him. Ice Axes for those axes, and has musical hallucinations of Eliot, Josh and Fen as she does so. Hale has just a phenomenal voice. Einhorn: I'm guilt.

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The good news is that Rick Worthy has an amazing singing voice and really great pitch. After talking it through, Julia realizes he may be a trickster god named Aengus who changes his looks and is wrong by Leprechauns. Rick Worthy Dean Fogg : Our High King Margo finds herself in the desert get a sort of spiritual walkabout, and she rediscovers her powers as a woman. The musical director was really trying to get me to hit the right note, and Dont finally hit the right note, and he magicians, "Good.